New Listing near Wheat Ridge and Golden

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Check out my latest listing on the border of Golden and Wheatridge.  I am very impressed with this 4 bedroom 5 bath home with over 5,000 sq feet and one of a kind finishes.  Everything from the lighting, the kitchen, the storage throughout the house, to the dance studio downstairs is top notch.

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Golden Events in Historic Downtown Golden

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As Spring approaches, it is time to start thinking about attending all the great Golden events and happenings that will be coming up in the next several months through October 2013.  Here is a list of some of the events that Golden will host.   For a more complete list, check with the Golden Chamber of Commerce on Washington Ave in Downtown Golden.

Golden, Colorado Welcomes You


Golden’s First Friday Street Fair, April 5, Friday

Golden Family Easter, March 30th, Saturday

Ladies only Sample Tour (LOST), May 2, Thursday

Golden’s First Friday Street Fair, May 3, Friday

Golden Super Cruise, May 4, Saturday

Golden Farmers Market Opens, June 1, Saturday

Golden First Friday Street Fair, July 5, Friday

Coors Tour Guide & Greeter Education & Appreciation Event, June 13

Golden Farmers Market June 1, 8, 15, 22, 29, Saturdays in July, Aug till October except July 28

Golden’s Super Cruise, July 6, Saturday

Mopar Street Party, July 18, Friday

Buffalo Bill Days, July 26, 27, 28 Friday, Saturday, Sunday

Golden’s First Friday Street Fair, Aug 2, Friday

Golden Super Cruise, Aug 2, Saturday

Golden Fine Arts Festival, Aug 17 & 18, Saturday & Sunday

Chamber Ambassadors Backyard BBQ, Aug 23, Friday

Golden’s First Friday Street Fair, September 6, Friday

Golden Super Cruise, September 7, Saturday

Golden’s First Friday Street Fair, October 5, Saturday

Last Golden Farmers Market, October 5, Saturday

Knock Your Boots Off” Beer Tasting-Chili Cook-Off, October 12, Saturday

Halloween Crazy Days in Historic Downtown Golden, October 31, Thursday


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New Housing Development Planned near Golden, CO by Lennar Homes

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It appears that another housing development will soon be sprouting up near Golden, CO.   With the Wildhorse Subdivision near 93 and 58th ave being a major success, it is no surprise that other developers would want to take advantage of building new homes in this popular area.  With its proximity to downtown Golden (4 miles), as well as open space areas including White Ranch, and North Table Mountain, this new housing development called Table Rock Ridge has the potential to be a huge hit.  The parcel of land just north of 58th ave and 93 was recently rezoned to allow for up to 217 single family homes and contain 30% open space in its 65 acre site.   This new subdivision would also host an extension of the Van Bibber Creek Trail, and keep many of the trees that still line the creek.  Ground has now been broken and they are currently clearing land.  I would assume we will begin to see some models being built in the next month or two along with a sales trailer.  Feel free to contact me for more information, or to seek representation before heading over to check out any homes.  I will stay up to date with the latest information and pricing.



Here is a link to Lennar Homes, the builder for this new subdivision

In the meantime, The Wildhorse Subdivision by Taylor Morrison has a few lots and a few spec homes left.  Now would be the time to get in there to take a look before they are gone.



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Real Estate during the holidays

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Happy Holidays to everyone! I would like to write about real estate during the holidays. Many people think that real estate comes to a halt during the holidays however, that is not the case. There are plenty of buyers during the holiday season looking to buy a home! They would probably like to get in a home right before Christmas so they can put up a tree, but if that is not the case they are still looking and putting contracts on homes. I think if you are a seller it is actually a great time to sell! The house smells good of the all the holiday smells and the competition has lessened because other Golden sellers believe in the slow down and do not put their house on the market until after the holidays. Which makes you as a seller a better option for those buyers who are still in the Golden/Denver market and looking.   The housing market is still increasing and the rates are still low – what a great time to sell and buy a home! If you are looking to sell or buy,  I can assist you with your real estate needs. Please contact us and we will sit down with you to discuss your options…… Happy Holidays – Barb

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Time to Sell

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This Fall is actually a great time to sell! There are very few homes on the market right now and most of them that are price correctly sell very quickly. The interest rate is still extremely good and we do not see it jumping up anytime soon. If  I can assist you in your home buying or selling process please let us know. Putting your home on the market now is also beneficial because a lot of  homeowners take their home off the market or postpone putting it on the market because of the time of year. So putting your home on the market now brings you more buyers looking and not as much competition. Give me a call if you are thinking about putting your home on the market – Barb

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Real estate News

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Last week in the Transcript I was featured as a Golden Realtor. This was a honor for me that they chose me to be featured. They found me off of my web-site a site  I am very proud of because I have  worked hard on my site. If you get a chance to check it out please do so. Let me know what you think. Also if you have the Transcript or Arvada Sentenial laying around from last week go to the real estate section and check the article – thank you – Barb

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Denver Real Estate Market Rebound

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Here are the latest stats for real estate sales in the month of August compared with last year according to Metrolist.  Again we are seeing strong numbers across the board.

9.8% increase in average price of residential homes compared to last year

34.4% decrease in number of days on the market for residential homes compared with last year

9.1% increase in average price of condos sold compared to last year

37.8% decrease in number of days on the market for condos compared with last year


-Barb Ecker

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Real Estate in Golden, CO

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As of today September 4th, 2012 there are 237 listings in the Jefferson County West-Golden area.  Yet, the closer to downtown Golden you get, the market gets much tighter.  There are 27 listings within 2 miles of downtown Golden.  There is currently 1 listing under 200k, and only 6 listings between 230k and 350k.  As we have seen, real estate in downtown Golden continues to move very quickly with significant demand.    If you are in the market to buy or sell in Golden, feel free to give us a call.  I would love to help you find what you are looking for.   I work all over the metro and mountain areas, but I also love to help clients right here in the town where we live and work.  Give me a call today!  720-363-7050

Century21 Golden Colorado - Barb Ecker

Professional Realtor Barb Ecker Century 21

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Foreclosure News in Denver

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Foreclosures are up a bit in Colorado compared with last year, but the market continues to improve across the board.  This is still a great time to get into a house with interest rates and values starting to rise.

In article by John Mossman  in the Denver Post, he states Foreclosure Filings rose a total of 14% compared to July of last year.  The silver lining though, is that this is a much healthier market on the whole…

“While foreclosure filings rose slightly, they are still well below the volumes in 2010,” said Craig Wildrick of Vectra Bank.

“In 2011, many institutions slowed foreclosure filings given the controversy and legal settlements underway. The slight increase also could indicate that lenders are getting through evaluation of delinquent borrows for loss mitigation options, and are initiating the foreclosure process.”

So the good news is that there are still some deals to be had, but things are moving fast in Denver with rates at historic lows.

-Barb Ecker

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Clear Creek fun in Golden

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This has been a very warm June for Golden, and much of Colorado.  Temperatures have risen into the 90’s in the past couple weeks and that has brought many people down to Clear Creek for a swim, or tube ride.  This time of year, as the creek begins to drop, the tubers and swimmers come out in droves.  There is no better way to cool down and get refreshed than to jump into Clear Creek.  Clear Creek is a natural draw for folks from all over Denver, because of its recreational uses.  This time of year you fill find a combination of kayakers, tubers, swimmers, sunbathers, and plenty of dogs taking advantage of the cool waters of Clear Creek.

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